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Aqua Park logo

The hotel " Aqua Park " is located in territory of housing estate Novkhani on coast of the Caspian sea in 25 km from Baku.


Hotel " Aqua Park " - a three-tier complex build in the European style. On a ground floor of hotel the hall of conference, a corner of rest and restaurant " Aqua Park " settles down reception, on 100 person. On the second and third floors 43 double one-room numbers for rest settle down. From them 23 numbers with a balcony with a kind on the sea, the others 20 numbers with a kind on housing estate Novkhani. Rooms are allocated all convenience:

  • Bedroom
  • Shower
  • TV
  • The conditioner (warmly a cold)
  • A refrigerator, and also phone.

    Except for it in the family center of rest " Aqua Park " function 16 two-storeyed comfortable cottages intended for the big families. Everyone cottage has an individual input, both from the country party, and on the part of the sea. On a ground floor cottage the big hall with upholstered suite sparkles, with the TV, with phone, with the conditioner (it is warm, a cold) kitchen and a bathroom. On kitchen there is a kitchen furniture, a table, chairs, a refrigerator, in a word, are created all conditions that housewives could prepare for a dish for all tastes. The shower booth and two sleeping rooms equipped, being manufacture of known firms are located by the conditioner and sleeping furniture on the second floor.

    Besides a summer season our hotel functions and during other seasons. During a summer season stay hotel have a good time and use pool of a complex " Aqua Park " free-of-charge. To provide interesting rest for visitors of hotel a complex have equipped, the big tennis court, volleyball and basketball platforms. Except for it there are small tennis tables, bicycles, machines for children.

    During a winter season for having a rest visitors the sauna, a jacuzzi and billiard tables are handed over in using. At the request of the client walks on coast, fishing and other entertainments are organized. Cost of habitation in a cottage " Aqua Park " - 100-120 $, in numbers from 40 $ and is higher.


    At restaurant " Aqua Park " with a kind on the sea you can taste taste of the European, Asian and national kitchen, also try tasty drinks. You will stay, are pleased with a cosy atmosphere and qualitative service under reasonable prices. To taste of the client to prepare the refined dish "A-La-Carte". Besides it at restaurant banquets, birthdays, shows-concerts and other actions are carried out. (the Menu begins from 10 $ and is higher).

    Hall of Conference.

    Conferences, trainings, cocktails, celebrations and other receptions are organized. Besides stay in hotel for the organizations and the enterprises wishing to lead conferences special discounts are given, meetings of visitors at the airport with support in hotel, and also a campaign in historical and known places are organized. For other remaining groups in hotel the hall of conference and kofebreak is given free-of-charge.

    The free-of-charge room.

    In hotel " Aqua Park " is carried out the company of purchase of a free-of-charge room: At our restaurant to the visitors who have spent, from above 300,000 manat in a gift number for the night is given free-of-charge.

    "Hotel " Aqua Park "
    " For those who lives with taste "

    No RoomsQuantity of rooms Price 3 meals a day


    Sea view, Double room

    Housing estate view, Double room

    Two-storeyed, a family cottage, (a hall, kitchen, 2 bedrooms)





    100$- 120$



    These prices from " Aqua Park " include also a free-of-charge access to pool and an attraction.

    Novkhani sett. Binagady region,
    Baku, Azerbaijan
    Tel.: (99412) 448-30-43;
             (99412) 448-13-13;
    Fax: (99412) 448-30-30;
    Mob.: (050) 330-87-27